Mark Pol, International Dutch artist

Mark Pol interest in drawing and painting started in primary school. And later on he went to the Photo Academy followed by the Free Academy of Art led by George Lampe, both in The Hague.

The work of Mark Pol, also shown on his website (, is in essence inspired by daily human life, without losing its vulnerability and the animal unpredictability. Despite the timeframe the painting or drawing might seem to be in, humanity is key in his work.

In the early stage of a painting, Mark Pol draws his thoughts and dreams with a pencil and then continues his vision with a basis of oil - or acryl paint on canvas. The expression of Mark Pol are often too much for the two dimensional canvas and the result is a three dimensional world, shown in different materials.

Website Mark Pol:
Mobile: 0031 6 45410400

Past exhibitions in, to mention some:

Amsterdam (NL) Several times and markets
Bussum (NL)

Haarlem (NL)

Maassluis (NL)

Naarden (NL)

Hilversum (NL)

Laren (NL)

Schijndel (NL)

Delft (NL) Several times

Deventer (NL)

Eindhoven (NL)

Bergen (NL) Several times

Nieuwkoop (NL) Several times

Arnhem (NL)
Antwerp (Belgium)

Tongeren (Belgium) Several times

Athens (Greece)

Altea (Spain)
London (UK) Several times

Northampton (UK) Several times

Westbourne (UK)
Karlsruhe (Germany)

Hamburg (Germany)

Triberg (Germany) Several times

Basel (Swiss)

Steinbach/Steyr (Austria)

Wenen (Austria)

Budweiss (Czechoslovakia)

Venice (Italy)

Sienna (Italy)

Villacidro (Sardinie) (Italy)

Paris (France) Several times
New York (USA) Several times

Hudson (USA)
Chicago (USA)

Alief, Texas (USA)_

Omaha (USA)

Los Angeles (USA)

Miami (USA) Several times
Calcutta (India)

Essendon (Australie)

Aberdeen (Scotland)

 Exhibitions to come (planned)

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